Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin (VKM) was founded in 2019 at the request of several prominent Rabbonim in and around Lakewood. VKM set out on a mission to create a hashgacha entity that would uphold to the standards of the Lakewood community and beyond, and implement guidelines and strategies to satisfy those concerned about the kashrus of a given vendor. 

Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin has B’siyatta D’shmaya grown into a well respected, trusted and reliable Hashgacha throughout the tri-state and neighboring areas. Guided by the Rabbonim, Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin operates as a community service rooted in daas torah and halacha. The rabbonim of the vaad establish the standards and provide psak halacha that is then executed throughout the work of the organization. Frequent conversations and meetings with the Rabbanim further ensure that all is overseen and approved by higher authorities. In this way, a unique blend of checks and balances is created, thereby laying the groundwork for a solid hashgacha. 

Specializing in catering and events, Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin has a network of over 80 competent mashgichim, including many who are experts in the field. VKM ensures that each event employs a hands on mashgiach to appropriately supervise the kashrus. The Vaad serves as a constant resource and support for all of its mashgichim, providing the training and coaching necessary for each one to succeed. There is always someone available to answer questions instantly or within a short timeframe. Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin is highly recognized for their expertise and agility in various set-ups within the kosher catering industry and is at times called upon by other prominent hashgacha organizations to work alongside, contribute advice and/or to employ mashgichim on their behalf.